Computer Decommissioning & Data Removal Policy

1. General principles

Upon client request – when computer equipment assets have been deemed to have reached the end of their useful life – Synapse engineers will securely erase all storage mediums in accordance with current industry best practices.

2. Data erasure

All data, including all files and licensed software, shall be removed from equipment using disk sanitizing software that cleans the media overwriting each and every disk sector of the device with zero-filled blocks.

3. Hard drives

All electronic drives must be degaussed or overwritten with a commercially available disk cleaning program. Hard drives may also be removed and rendered unreadable using drilling, crushing or other demolition methods.

4. Computer equipment

“Computer Equipment” refers to desktop, laptop, tablet or netbook computers, printers, copiers, monitors, servers, handheld devices, telephones, cell phones, disc drives or any storage device, network switches, routers, wireless access points, batteries, backup tapes, etc.

Version 2.0 – 22 May 2018